About Our Company

Technological Artisans is a NYC based company with over 40 years experience in all aspects of Laser Light Show Production.

Our laser technology, precision positioning, real-time control and response are at the core of our entertainment technology. These are universally useful capabilities.

Combined with our extensive consulting and development experience in Lasers, Computers, and Electronic systems, we have been providing innovative, high-tech solutions to the Laser and Technology Industry since 1981.


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NYS Class B Mobile Laser Operators
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At Technological Artisans, we are pleased to present the highest value laser systems legally sold in the US. Our systems are built to a high standard using cutting edge technology to deliver amazing beam quality at an unbeatable price. Our systems are customized to fit your needs for each specific application with the upgrades available, you will always be prepared for every show. We are proud to offer our 2 year warranty and with service centers located across the US, you will never be left without lasers. With Technological Artisans beam correction technology, our lasers have tight solid beams without color seperation and will travel farther then the competition with the low divergence. All of our lasers have sealed optical tables to prevent dust, haze, and moisture ingress which could damage the lasers over time or reduce brightness.